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Congrats on the new book, looks wonderful, like everything you do. xo


Yeah, yeah ... yeah.

Oh ... and congratulations!


YAHOOOO - can't wait for the new book. Glad you survived the 2nd go around for knee surgery with hubby. We are in the throws of learning how to be together with hubby being retired for almost 3 months - so far so good, lol

Hugs - Karen

Debbie  St.Germain

I took a sneak peak at your new book, definitely going on my wish list, saw the preview page and index. Looks like lots of great items to create.


Kay Harmon

Your book looks wonderful...but what haven't you done that was wonderful?! My retirement situation was just the reverse of yours - DH retired 10 years before me. After I retired, he commented he was a bit apprehensive about us being together all the time. It's been wonderful though.


Looking absolutly fantastic...:o)))

Ruby Bundy

If your husband has horses all will work out. My h. is semi-retired and spends lots of time with his horses and other farm stuff, That helps so much. He also has beagles that he trains for field trials. Suggest a good hobby that way he will be as interested as you are with all your projects. It does take some adjustment!!


Hello: Your designs are great- like the new ones. As far as dh hanging around all day--My (dh) and I spent so much time apart in our working years, the time we have together is much sweeter now. I feel like there was so much we missed together because of work. We are (bf's)- go everywhere together, spend all our time together-- no girls nights out-- that's so (yesterday), no separate (retreats). We have our hobbies too. Am so glad we have this time together now. You never know what can happen tomorrow, or the next five minutes, for that matter. Happy sewing!!


How did you sneak this blog posting in? Where have I been? And just when I was repremanding you. Sorry sweets.


Pam's class at Gina's looked wonderful!!!!
I'm so excited to see your book getting closer to being published!


You have been really busy! My mom is having knee replacement Oct 12. I am sure my father will be a much worse nurse than you ever thought about being (that was meant to get a chuckle). Hang in there. Karmen


who is your book published you have any peeks of whats inside............

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